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JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア メインビジュアル

About Us


Aiko, a Japanese woman, and Jurga, a Lithuanian woman, whom I met in Tokyo.

Two women were the driving force behind this initiative.

Lithuanian linen specialist brand

Their passions come together to offer linen products carefully selected from a unique perspective.

Our linen is something you will feel from the moment you first touch it.


"Sophisticated design"

"rich colors and prints"

These are main features.

JURGA Lithuanian Linen Lithuania RAMUNE Dress MidSummer Midsummer Festival

In addition, we pay particular attention to materials and manufacturing processes.

By caring for people and the environment ,

We offer new value in linen.


To the people of Japan, an unprecedented

"The new appeal of linen"

We aim to deliver the following.

JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア OEKO TEX@


As a new-age apparel brand, we deliver products that are considerate of the people who use them, the people who make them, and the environment.

We use fabrics that have been certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which is given to textile products of the world's highest standards, and we do not engage in mass production or mass waste.

JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア リネン工房

Elegant simple

This simple and elegant collection is produced in a workshop run by linen product experts who have been making their living from linen crafts for generations.

A simple and elegant collection. We jointly develop original design products that suit the style and tastes of Japanese people.
Each piece is handcrafted with care and love by skilled dressmakers, resulting in a bespoke quality item.

Since ancient times, linen craftsmen have believed that "the love put into linen will bring happiness to the person who uses it," and this spirit has been passed down along with their techniques.

JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア リネンプリント



This innovative style involves freely applying colorful prints to the fabric, adding new value and appeal to Lithuanian linen.
Using world-famous paintings and Lithuanian nature as motifs, we continue to produce linen that will add color to your life.

JURGA Lithuanian linen, Lithuania Jurga

Message from JURGA

Lithuanians are a thoughtful and melancholic people, much like the Lithuanian nature. We find beauty in simplicity, we appreciate and value the elegance of imperfections and naturalness. I think that is a value we share with the Japanese.

This perspective has influenced traditional linen craftsmanship and is also reflected in our slow living lifestyle.

I would like to share the traditions of Lithuanian linen with the people of Japan, and I believe that Japanese and Lithuanians can love linen in the same way.

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