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JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア リネンプリント 生地

Our Linen

JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア ワッフルブランケット ストール SUTEMA
JURGA Lithuanian Linen Lithuania Logo

The linen used by JURGA


"Attention to detail"

"The Lithuanian Linen Tradition"

JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア META ベッドリネン SUTEMA

The Traditions of Lithuanian Linen

JURGA is a brand specializing in high-quality, sophisticated linen products made in Lithuania , a country facing the northeast coast of the Baltic Sea in Europe.

Linen, which is made from flax, is environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin.

As a sustainable natural material , its value is now being reevaluated worldwide.

Lithuania has long been known as a producer of high-quality linen in Europe.
High-quality linen products made in Lithuania are called " Lithuanian linen " and are popular mainly in Northern Europe.

It is loved throughout Europe.

JURGA focuses on soft texture, rich colors, and a modern style that is in line with the times.

The brand carefully selects fabrics that are soft and fluffy to the touch thanks to stone-wash processing , and also offers a wide range of vibrant colors using eco-friendly dyes, as well as prints with motifs of Lithuanian nature and traditional patterns.

Made from carefully selected linen fabric, this product comes in a sophisticated design and size perfect for Japanese lifestyles.
Lithuanian linen JURGA is a material that people in Japan have never experienced before.

We bring you the " new charm of linen " and " new comfort ."

JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア ラベンダープリント ストール ワッフルブランケット RASA ワンピース

Attention to materials




In order to be considerate of people and the environment, JURGA products mainly use fabrics that are certified to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, the world's highest safety standard.




Linen is a breathable material that is gentle on the skin.


Water absorbency

Linen is highly absorbent, quick-drying, and extremely durable.



Made from high-quality materials and stone-washed finish,
It has a soft and smooth texture that is appealing to the touch.

JURGA リトアニアリネン リトアニア ラベンダープリント ストール ワッフルブランケット RASA ワンピース

Linen fibre has a hollow structure.

It is breathable and refreshing during the hot and humid summer, and its hollow structure provides heat retention in the winter, making it comfortable to use regardless of the warm season.


Stone washed


Stonewash processing is done before sewing,

No need to worry about your clothes shrinking after washing.

This technique softens the fabric, giving it a comfortable and beautiful texture, similar to well-worn linen.

Stone washed


JURGA products are handmade.

We do not mass produce due to environmental considerations. We pursue new ways of making apparel.


Antibacterial and deodorizing effects



The polyphenols contained in linen provide natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties.


Temperature control

Stone washed

Stonewashing is a process where the fabric is pre-washed with organic enzymes in a softener machine. This process softens the fabric and gives it a comfortable, beautiful feel like well-worn linen. It also prevents shrinkage after washing.
Stonewashed linen has a more casual, sophisticated look and vintage feel, making it a popular material with many fans.

You can wash it by hand at home. If you use a washing machine, put it in a net and wash it on a gentle cycle such as "delicate wash" or "soft cycle". Ironing is not necessary. Enjoy the elegance and comfort created by the natural wrinkles (crispness).

If you use an iron, it will give a nice finish if you moisten the fabric with a spray bottle or similar.

JURGA Lithuanian Linen, Lithuanian linen fabric, stone washed
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