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5-Way All-Season Throw for all seasons


100% eco-friendly linen, stonewashed, made in Lithuania

In Japan, linen is strongly associated with summer, but it is actually an excellent material that can be used comfortably throughout the four seasons. Its hollow structure makes it cool and comfortable against the skin on hot and humid summer days, and it warms the body during the chilly early winter.

Jurga's large linen throw towel is a reliable piece that will fulfill all those "I wish I had this" wishes that arise in your life, no matter the season.

Check out how to use linen throws, which are very useful during the autumn and winter seasons.

1. When you feel a little chilly, drape it gently over your shoulders. It's a gentle warmth that makes you feel like you're being hugged by a loved one.

2. It also looks great as a scarf.

It can be stored very compactly, so you can carry it around in your bag without any stress.

3. It's also recommended to take it on a trip to a hot spring!

Very light, soft and dries quickly.

4. It's long enough that you can also wear it as a dress when relaxing after a bath.

It seems like it would also be useful when you go to a mixed-gender hot spring.

Summer, seaside elegance.

5. Nordic outdoors - picnic sheet.

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