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Lithuania Fair at Tsutaya Kumamoto Sannenzaka


Ambassador of Lithuania to Japan Gediminas Varvuolis also attended the event

We are participating as a Lithuanian linen brand in the "Lithuanian Fair" currently being held at Tsutaya Kumamoto Sannenzaka, with the support of the Lithuanian Embassy.

The Republic of Lithuania is said to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Along with a section introducing the culture and climate of Lithuania, a country of natural and organic products nurtured by a treasure trove of nature, the site also offers a wide range of natural and organic products befitting a country of forests and lakes, such as apparel and miscellaneous goods from high-quality linen manufacturers, 100% natural raw honey that is unheated, additive-free, and pesticide-free, and birch water made from birch sap.

On the first day of the event, the Lithuanian Ambassador to Japan, Gediminas Varvuolis, attended and the event was covered by various media outlets, including television and newspapers.

Now that it is difficult to travel abroad, this is a wonderful venue where you can experience Lithuanian culture and products first-hand and enjoy the experience as if you were traveling.

Detailed information

*Tsutaya Bookstore Sannenzaka is taking measures to prevent infection and is open for business. We appreciate your cooperation when you visit.

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