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Nagoya Midland Square [Sanctuary for Natural materials] "Sanctuary for Natural Materials" Event Held


Event dates: from Saturday, September 25th to Sunday, October 3rd

■ Event dates: Saturday, September 25th to Sunday, October 3rd

■ Time: 11:00-20:00 *Saturday, October 25th: 13:00-20:00

■ Location: Nagoya Midland Square Commercial Building B1F Atrium

With the concept of "making the new everyday comfortable," five companies that deliver natural materials, high quality, superior products, and tradition and innovation have come together to open a joint pop-up shop at Midland Square. Each company's specialty creates high-quality products and offers a safe and rich lifestyle.

▼Event details Nagoya Midland Square event page

◆ Lithuanian Linen JURGA

"JURGA" develops linen products that are just right for Japanese lifestyles, based on the style of Lithuania, a pioneer of slow living. We will introduce items that can be used comfortably 365 days a year, made from fabric that is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, the world's highest level of safety.


"GOTLAND DESIGN" is a brand that will make your room look great with its chic colored rugs. Gotland sheep, which live on the Swedish island of Gotland, are a very rare breed of sheep. They are characterized by their curly hair and soft, gentle texture.

◆ Walnut furniture MASTERWAL

"Towards antique furniture 100 years from now" - "Masterwal" is an interior design that focuses on walnut. The expression of the interior, which is achieved by focusing on walnut as a material, is universal, but sometimes looks dramatic. We aim to create furniture that will gain depth as it accumulates history along with the life of the person who uses it, and that people 100 years from now will also feel attached to.

◆ Tableware from Vietnam: Amai

This is the first pop-up event in Aichi to be held by sousen tablewear, the distributor of amai, a high-end tableware brand launched by a designer from Northern Europe. With its unique, thin form that fits comfortably in the hand, different expressions and textures on the inside and outside, and colors that suggest a playful spirit, the high quality that can only be produced by a team of women who have lived and created things in Asia for over 20 years, amai's ceramic products are loved by many people around the world as a one-of-a-kind brand, created with an exquisite balance.

◆Shuttle loom Kurashiki Canvashttps ://

Kurashiki Canvas is a first-class canvas that spins tradition and weaves innovation. Traditional fabric woven from threads that flow beautifully like a river, its strength, its warmth, and the true Japanese quality brought about by the challenge of innovation. Kurashiki Canvas is a first-class canvas nurtured by the kindness of Kurashiki, carrying the winds of history into the future.

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