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Limited time store opening on the first floor of Takashimaya Nihonbashi Main Building


■ November 17th (Wed) → 30th (Tue)

We have opened a pop-up shop at Takashimaya Nihonbashi.

Nihombashi Takashimaya🌹Main Building 1F

■November 17th (Wed) - 30th (Tue) *The final day will close at 6pm.

Based on the essence of Lithuania, a pioneer of slow living, we offer linen items that are perfect for Japanese lifestyles and can be used comfortably 365 days a year. We propose a new linen style that can be enjoyed in the fall and winter, incorporating the comfort of the material, elegant design, and seasonal colors.

We also carry GOTLAND DESIGN products, made from sheepskin that comes from the Swedish island of Gotland and is popular for its curly fur and soft, smooth feel.

Enjoy the world of sustainable natural materials and comfortable living from Scandinavia.

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